2 Reasons Why Regular Lube Jobs Are An Integral Part Of Maintaining Your Car

When it comes to taking care of your car to ensure that it stays running for as long as possible, there are certain things that must be done to keep it properly maintained. Out of the maintenance tasks, you may already know about having the oil and filter changed.

Along with changing the oil, you should also strive to have a mechanic perform on your car regularly. There are a couple of reasons why routine lube jobs are an integral part of maintaining your vehicle and should be done every time you take your car in for maintenance.

1.  Reduces the Friction on the Moving Parts of Your Car's Engine

One reason why you should always make sure that a lube job is included with your car's other routine services is that lubricants help to reduce friction. Inside of the engine, there are many moving parts, from the rocker arms to the pistons.

Because these parts move rapidly and constantly, they produce a lot of friction. If the joints between them become dry, the heat from the friction will cause them to wear down much faster, requiring their replacement sooner than normal. However, if you have a mechanic make sure that they are kept lubricated, the joints will move more smoothly and will be protected from the heat.

2.  Protects Your Car's Engine from Moisture that Causes Excessive Rust

Another reason why regular lube jobs are so important for your car is that they help to protect the engine from rust. When you drive regularly in rainy or snowy weather, the underside of the engine is exposed to excessive moisture.

Without proper lubrication, this excessive moisture will cause rapid rusting of the exposed parts of the engine. If it continues to stay unprotected, this corrosion will result in having to have the parts replaced. However, if you regularly have your vehicle lubed, it will form a barrier from the moisture and help to prevent rusting.

Along with reducing the friction and wear on your car's engine parts and acting as a protectant against rust, keeping your car lubed will also reduce excessive squeaking caused by dry parts moving together. Typically, a lube job is included with regular services such as oil changes and spark plug checks. If it has been a while since you have taken your vehicle in for car maintenance, call and make an appointment with an automotive shop like Grey Chevrolet Inc near you today.