Dealing With Repairs On Your Semi Truck

Owning your semi truck and hauling freight for a living can be rewarding, but it can also be costly. Owning your truck means having to pay for the repairs and deal with getting the truck in for maintenance when it is needed. In some cases, that means taking time off to make sure that happens. Unexpected repairs can cause more significant problems especially if you are not prepared for them. 

Mobile Repair Services

When things come up expertly out on the road, it is not always possible to get the truck into the shop. The truck may not be safe to drive the distance to the shop, and the cost to tow it can be very high. If there is a mobile repair service in the area, it might be the best solution for you. Mobile services will come out to the truck and attempt to fix the truck or repair it enough to get it to the shop. Mobile repair services are typically available in areas that see heavy truck traffic and are often listed online or in truck stops in the area. 

Routine Maintenance

Like your car, a semi needs routine maintenance to keep it running at its best. The maintenance is more critical in the truck because of the work it does and the mileage that is put on the truck day after day. It is a good idea to try and schedule your maintenance while you are between loads. If you are not at home, you can visit the dealership for the manufacturer of your truck, and they can take care of the work or recommend a local shop to help you. In many areas, some shops specialize in heavy truck repair and maintenance close to the highway that can get your truck in quickly.

Planned Repairs

In some cases, there is a part that needs replacing on your truck, but it is not critical to the operation of the truck. Repairing it may be able to wait until you are home and can get the truck into your local semi truck repair service. Scheduling the work with your downtime can save you money and help reduce the downtime on the truck. If you own your trailers, they need to be maintained as well, so don't forget to have them serviced and inspected. The trailer might not be as critical because it does not have a power plant, but a trailer that breaks down on the road will keep you from working just as quickly as a broken-down truck. Making sure they get the attention they need is just as important as servicing the truck itself.